For women there is nothing like a pair of nice jeans and boots for the annual Fall occasions.   Sifting through your favorite pair and matching them up with a pair of boots, a nice sweater, and possible scarf, can put a simile on any woman's face.


Fitting into those skinny jeans this year may be another issue.

This is exactly why JNA Fitness has the perfect solution to sculpting those legs and midsection in order to just slide right into your jeans this Fall.

Below is a 6 station Skinny Jeans Workout.

What you need:

  • Step or Bench
  • 10lb-20lb Dumbbells

*If your new to exercise - skip the weights.

What to do:

Perform the following exercises in a circuit, resting as needed between exercises.  After you complete one circuit, rest 60 seconds before performing round 2.   Perform 3 total rounds.  Use safe form and always stop if you feel dizzy or feel pain.

Exercise #1 - DB RDL - 12x

Exercise #2 - Step-ups - 10x ea. Leg

Exercise #3 - Forward/Reverse Lunges - 6x ea. leg

Exercise #4 - Jump Lunges - 20x total, 10ea. leg

Exercise #5 - Side Planks - 20-30seconds ea. side

Exercise #6 - Cross Body Mt. Climber - 30-40x total reps

Skinny Jeans Workout.

  • DB RDL - 12x
  • Step-ups 10ea Leg
  • Forward/Reverse Lunges 6ea Leg
  • Jump Lunges 20x total
  • Side Plank 20-30sec ea. side
  • Cross Body Mt. Climber 30-40x total

3 total rounds

Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program

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