• Mondays --Strength = Lower Body Focus

    Monday is all about the Butts and Guts.  Your legs are going to earn a burn in this workout, in addition, you’ll get some core and arm work in too.

  • Tuesdays & Sundays --JNA Cardio = Metcon

    Tuesday is always a sweat fest at JNA.  Metcon (or metabolic conditioning) is a fancy word for JNA style cardio.  Fast paced, heart racing circuits and exercises.

  • Wednesdays --Strength = Upper Body Focus

    Wednesday is all about the upper body pump.  Chest, shoulders, back, and arms will get a well deserved burn…Legs shouldn’t be ignored either, so expect a few squats in there as well.

  • Thursdays --JNA Cardio = Metcon & Recovery

    Thursday we push hard and go up the tempo for a JNA style Metcon but we always save a few minutes at the end for some recovery.  Recovery can be yoga, foam rolling, or just old school stretching.

  • Fridays & Saturdays --Strength/Metcon = Full JNA Pump

    Get the full JNA Pump during these workouts.  The first half of class is strength based, toning your entire body.  The second half of the class is Metcon based, soaking your whole body…in sweat of course.  You may want to bring an extra water bottle with you!

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