Effective September 2018

Monday Strength = Lower Body Focus

Monday is all about the Butts and Guts. Your legs are going to earn a burn in this workout, in addition, you’ll get some core and arm work in too making this workout a great start to your week.


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday JNA Cardio/Metcon

This workout is always a sweat fest at JNA. Metcon (or metabolic conditioning) is a fancy word for JNA style cardio. Fast paced, heart racing circuits and exercises. JNA brings down the house with this workout.


Wednesday Strength = Upper Body Focus

Wednesday is all about the upper body pump. Chest, shoulders, back, and arms will get a well deserved burn. Legs shouldn’t be ignored either, so expect a few squats in there as well even if your sore from Monday.


Friday = Full JNA Strength

Get the full JNA Pump during this workout. The first half of class is strength based, toning your entire body. The second half of the class is Metcon based, soaking your whole body…in sweat of course. You may want to bring an extra water bottle with you!


Dad Bod / Mom Machine

These SPECIAL program are launching right now!

Dad Bod click here

Mom Machine click here


Youth Strength – Tues/Thurs/Sat

This program is designed for boys and girls ages 12-15yr old.  The workout is designed around helping kids get stronger, get moving, and serves as an introduction to working out.



Our form of personal training – Coming September 2018


Athlete Training

Middle School – High School Athletic Training