Joining a gym doesn’t have to be intimidating…

We often hear first timers say…

“I’ve never done anything like this, I’m intimidated to try”


“I haven’t worked out in a while, will I be able to do this?”

We get understand and you’re alone.

In fact, every JNA Rockstar has said that but the good news is we are here to help.

YES! Yes you can do this and JNA promises to help you every step of the way.

We’ve made joining and trying JNA Fitness extremely easy.


  • Purchase a Trial Membership
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out the waiver, meet your coach, and get a quick overview of how our JNA Fitness System Works


  • Grab a workout towel a spot on the gym floor
  • We recommend doing a few hops or a few claps to get yourself in the JNA Mindset
  • Your coach is going to show you exactly what to do, you won’t have to think about anything
  • It’s GO TIME…so here we GOOOO
  Give a few high fives and WooHOO your all done for today

Schedule a FREE Getting to Know Workout