These 5 exercises will leave your legs toned, lean, and sexy.   Your skinny jeans will love it!  


Prisoner Squats This quad killer will surely tone the front of your legs.  Place your feet slightly wider than shoulders width apart.  Place your hands behind your head (like a prisoner) and drop your hips down and back.  Try to go as deep as you can without losing control, dropping down to your end range of motion.   Keep your weight on your heels and drive the floor away to get back to the top.

Hip Bridges – A strong booty starts here, this is a must.  Lay on your back with your knees bent.  Drive your heels into the ground and keep your shoulders down as well.  Start performing the exercise by raising your hips up as high as you can.  Slowly descend without completely touching or resting on the floor.

Split Squats –  Hitting every muscle in your legs, this is a sure way to get them sexy.  Start by placing your legs in a split stance.  Make sure your front foot is well enough ahead of you, your back foot will automatically adjust.  When performing this exercise, think about dropping your back knee down (front knee will bend automatically).  Resist letting your back knee hit the ground and drive your front heel into the ground.  Hands can go behind your head, similar to the prisoner squat.

Single Leg RDL – Nothing looks better than tight hamstrings and a nice set of calves.  Start by placing 90% of your weight on one leg.  Slowly lift the other leg behind you as you hip hinge over.  Remember to keep your back as flat as possible, without letting it round or fold at the bottom.  You should feel this exercise in your hamstrings (back of legs)

Jump Lunges – The calorie masher, fat torcher.  Start this exercise in the same position as the split squats, only this time jumping, switching to the other leg.  This exercise is challenging but will work up a great sweat and burn up those legs.

The Workout:

Week 1 – Perform 10 Reps of each exercise (10ea leg for RDL/Jumps) – 4 total rounds 2x weekly.

Week 2 – Perform 12 reps – 4 total rounds 2x weekly

Week 3 – Perform 15 reps – 3 total rounds 2x weekly

Week 4 – Perform 20 reps – 2 total rounds 1x weekly

Good Luck – Team JNA

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