As Summer winds down and beach season starts coming to a close…you may have notice that this Summer has effected your waist line.   The BBQ chicken, soft serve ice cream, and happy hour cocktails were too much for even the most experienced workout buff.  It’s common and by no means are you alone.  Let’s face it, your off your routine, kids are out of school, and Summer is made for fun, NOT restrictive dieting or hours of exercise.  Even if you did keep up with your routine, Summer foods may have still slowly crept into your diet.

It’s now time to get that workout routine going again!  JNA Fitness has your back (and your abs)!  Below are 5 core exercises that will help keep your tummy flat, while strengthening your core.  The good news is that you can do them anywhere…no fancy equipment is needed.  Check them out below.

  1. Plank Squeeze
  2.  Opposite Toe Reach


  3. Side Planks
  4.  Spidermans
  5. Plank Knee Taps

    The workout:

Plank Squeeze 6 secs – Perform 10 cycles

Opposite Toe Reach 10ea side – Perform 3 cycles each side

Side Plank 20-30sec – Perform 3 cycles each side

Spidermans 20 ea side – Perform 2 cycles each side

Plank Knee Taps – Perform 1 cycle as many reps as you can

Rest as needed, NEVER work through pain, always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise routine, STOP if you feel dizziness or pain


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