Whether you’re looking to get beach body ready, fit back into your jeans, or simply get stronger, JNA has 3 must do core exercises. The best part about these exercises is that they can be done anywhere!

Plank with extension 

If you’ve never done a plank before, then you’re going to want to start off with the basic plank.   With your forearms on the ground and your back straight, lift your knees off the floor.  Hold for 15-30 seconds before resting and repeating.


If you’re a plank master and have done them before, try adding in an extension.  The setup remains the same, however, your feet will slide back leaving your shoulders slightly behind your elbows.   4 sets of up to a minute long for each set.


Curl Ups

We’ve banned crunches as an essential core exercise.  With too much lumbar flexion (lower back rounding), crunching hundreds of times does more damage to your back than benefit to your core. Curls-ups separate themselves from the pack because the cue for this is lifting, not crunching or rounding.

With one leg long and the opposite leg bent, relax your arms and relieve tension from your neck.  Think about lifting your shoulders off the floor and bracing your stomach rather than pulling on your neck and performing excessive rounding.  The movement is coached slow and controlled.   3 sets of 10 reps each side.


Side Plank with rotation 

Side planks can be very challenging with just a hold so if you’ve never done them before, start off with the basic side plank.  Set up on your side lying on your forearm.  Keeping your elbow in line with your shoulders, lift your hips.  Hold 10-20 seconds before repeating 3-4 sets.


If you’ve done side planks before, then try this variation.  Set up the same way as the basic side plank but add a shoulder rotation. In the demo video below, you’ll see that you do not want to let your hips collapse.  2 sets on each side 10-15 reps

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