JNA Fitness has your back for all things related to getting back into shape and beach body ready.  Snacking is always a popular question, after all, everyone needs a little something to get us to dinner time.....right?  Below we've given you our best ideas, so trade the chips for these healthy snacks.

3 Easy To Make Healthy Snacks

1.  Chocolate Pudding

-Siggi's plan yogurt

-1/2 Scoop of chocolate protein powder

-1 scoop of powdered peanut butter

Who doesn't like chocolate pudding...(says no one).  Throw a siggi's plain yogurt in a bowl and mix in 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder and 1 scoop of powdered peanut butter.  This is a healthy protein pudding.  JNA approves Siggi's yogurt and you're packing over 20g of protein in this snack.

2.  Frozen Oat Blast

-Blended protein shake of your choice

-Small scoop of oats

-Extra ice cubes

Think of a food that takes up an entire isle at the grocery store...yup...you guessed it....ICE CREAM.   Although we'll never say no to some ice cream every once and a while, we have a healthy option for you.  Blend up your favorite protein shake but use a few more ice cubes than normal, making it thick.  Make sure you throw in a fruit/veggie and a healthy fat.  Instead of drinking the shake, put the entire thing in the freezer.  Let the shake sit for about 10 minutes.  Top it off with some raw oats and eat it like you're having an ice cream sundae.

3.   Avocado Lime Bites

-1/2 ripe avocado

-1/2 lime

-1/2 cucumber 

-2 slices of ezekiel bread 

Toast the bread slightly to make it soft.  Bust open the avocado and spread it on one side.  Dice up the cucumber into thins slices and layer them on top of the avocado.  Cut the lime into quarters.  Use one quarter to squeeze over the cucumbers, use the other quarter to squeeze on other slice of the bread.  Put the other slice on top and cut into bites.  Save the other half of avocado, lime, and cucumber for the following day.

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